This web site is intended to help the reader develop an understanding of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, ‘IRC’, and Title 26 of Federal Tax Regulations which pertain to the subject of tax deferred exchange.

While creating this site great care has given been to balancing the need to include enough information to adequately inform the reader but not too much detail and technical information which might confuse and befuddle those who are trying to learn enough about tax deferred exchange in order to make an informed decision as to whether using Section 1031 would be in their best interest.

A word of advice to those who need to select a qualified intermediary to participate in their tax deferred exchange. It is certainly very important that whomever you choose to be your qualified intermediary, aka ‘facilitator’, possess an extensive amount of knowledge of both this area of the federal tax code and practical experience as a qualified intermediary/facilitator on behalf of taxpayers such as yourself. Fortunately, the vast majority of those who provide this service to taxpayers such as yourself are very capable and trustworthy. NEVERTHELESS, it is also vitally important that you choose a qualified intermediary with whom you can comfortably and effectively communicate with. Someone who you feel comfortable presenting your questions to and whose answers and advice make sense to you. It is not enough that a particular intermediary is very knowledgeable. Otherwise, if one is only knowledgeable but they cannot communicate with you in a manner that is useful for you, then they will be of no more value than is ‘a book on the shelf’.

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